Graphite Wires yarn

Graphite Wires yarn
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5 glass fiber and 5 stainless steel wire reinforced graphite wire introduction:

The flexible graphite wire is made by using expanded graphite and reinforcing materials such as various fibers and wires, and adding a binder. Can be used to weave different types of flexible graphite braided fillers. It is suitable for different media, has good temperature and pressure resistance and sealing performance. Moreover, it can be added with relevant reinforced materials according to the harsh environment and user requirements to achieve more perfect use effect.

5 glass fiber and 5 stainless steel wire reinforced graphite wire performance characteristics:

1. Excellent temperature and pressure resistance

2. Has good sealing performance






1. What is your MOQ?

MOQ may vary by customer's special requirement; we try our best to meet your business requirement.  

2. What's your payment terms?

We normally do T/T, and we can also offer western union account for transfer money. And more flexible payment terms, welcome to have a discuss.  

3. Can you provide samples?

Yes, we can offer samples, and some samples are free  

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Yes, we can delivery by any express.  

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Normally, the sample can be ready in 3 days.