Pure Flexible Graphite Packing Impregnated with PTFE Coated Graphite

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Pure Flexible Graphite Packing Impregnated With Pffe Coated Graphite



Where is the graphite packing used? How to use graphite packing?

The effective sealing of the pump and valve depends on the overall condition of the individual components, in particular the installation and adjustment of the graphite packing. Before installing the packing, make sure that the graphite packing equipment needs to be effectively isolated according to the site and system. The following is intended to guide service personnel, engineers, and assemblers to properly install and adjust packing.

1. Tools needed: Special tools are required when removing the old packing and replacing it with a new one, and the cap nut is pre-tensioned with a fastener. In addition, standard safety facilities and related safety regulations must be used frequently. Before installation, first familiarize yourself with the following equipment: the cutting machine for the packing ring, the calibration torque wrench or wrench, the helmet, the internal and external calipers, the lubricant of the fastener, the mirror, the packing extractor, and the cutting graphite packing. Tools, vernier calipers, etc.

2. Cleaning and inspection: 1) Slowly loosen the gland nut of the stuffing box to release all residual pressure in the packing assembly; 2) remove all old packing and thoroughly clean the packing box of the shaft/rod; 3) check Whether the shaft/rod is corroded, dent, scratched or excessively worn; 4) Check other parts for burrs, cracks, and abrasion, which will reduce the life of the graphite packing; 5) Check if the stuffing box has excessive clearance, and The degree of eccentricity of the shaft/rod; 6) replacement of parts with large defects; 7) inspection of old packings as a basis for failure analysis to find the cause of early failure of the packing.

3. Measure and record the diameter of the shaft/rod, the pore size and depth of the stuffing box, and record the distance from the bottom of the stuffing box to the top when sealing with water.

4. Select the packing: 1) Ensure that the selected packing should meet the operating conditions required by the system and equipment; 2) Calculate the cross-sectional area of the graphite packing and the number of packing rings required according to the measurement records; 3) Inspection tray Root to ensure it is free of defects; 4) Make sure the equipment and packing are clean before installation. 5. Preparation of the packing ring 1) The braided packing is wound around the appropriate size of the shaft, or a calibrated packing ring cutter is used; the cuttings are cleanly cut into butt (square) or mitered according to requirements ( 30-45 degrees), cut a ring at a time, and check if the size is appropriate with a shaft or stem. 2) Molded packing ensures that the size of the ring is properly matched to the shaft or stem and, if necessary, the packing ring is cut according to the packing manufacturer's instructions or requirements.

5. Install the graphite packing. Carefully install one packing ring at a time. Wrap each ring around the shaft or valve stem. Before installing the next ring, make sure that the ring is completely seated in the stuffing box. Next The rings should be staggered, at least 90 degrees apart, and generally require 120 degrees. After the upper ring is installed, tighten the nut by hand and press the cover evenly. If there is a water seal ring, check that it is at the correct distance from the top of the stuffing box. Also ensure that the shaft or stem is free to rotate.

6, adjust the packing:

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