Kevlar and Carbonized Fiber Zebra Packing

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Graphited PTFE packing with Aramid Corners takes Aramid fiber and black PTFE as raw materials, and is produced through mixed knitting with unique crafts. With the four corners of packing are wrapped up with Aramid material of high strength, it is especially resistant to wear. Besides, its super resistance to wear is attributed to the integration of excellent properties of both DuPont Kevlar fiber and black PTFE fiber. It is applicable to dynamic sealing with high linear speed and high media pressure as well as reciprocating pump, mixer, blender, reactor and valve Applicable industries: chemistry, agricultural chemistry, petrochemistry, pharmacy, sugar refining, papermaking, electricity.



1.STYLE 6600G is highly-quality combination of PTFE with graphite incorporated yarn with corner of Kevlar fiber, to prevent gap extrusions within the high pressure and temperature range.

2.STYLE 6600G is made from pure 100% Dupont's Kevlar yarn incorporated with graphite Teflon GFO yarn throughout the sliding surface in alternated strips. Good sliding velocity and thermal conductivity. It was processed with high lubricant and impregnated PTFE emulsion.

3.STYLE 6600G/6600G is low friction, wear-resistant packing. Long service life due to good sliding properties, no gap extrusion.

Zebra carbonized kevlar packing is made of High-quality special yarn, It was impregnated with PTFE emulsion, with corner of Kevlar fibre braided packing, this packing has better sliding velocity than combination of PTFE with graphite incorporated yarn with Aramid corner packings .It was processed with high temperature lubricant and impregnated PTFE emulsion. It is a a low friction, wear-resistant packing.

Application Data:

Pressure: bar 31 100 100
Speed: m/s 22 3 2
PH Range  2-12
Temp.℃ +260

Package(Per Spool):

Regular:3m, 8m, 1kg, 1 pound, 2.5kg, 2.5 pound, 5kg, 5 pound,10kg, 10 pound.

Other packages are available on request

As the strength and module of Kevlar is as high as the steel-like strength. So this packing combined with other kinds of braided packing, they can resist more serve media and higher pressure. It can be installed separately or as end rings with other kinds of packing to combine different characteristics into packing set. This packing is mainly used as substitute of asbestos in pump systems. Its property is better than asbestors,and it covers all the services ranges which asbestos provided and more. Under very bad conditions where ordinary asbestos packing can not provided the satisfied effect. But this packing has long service. It is usually applied to pulp factory, sand slurry, tin mine and feed water pump of power plant etc.    








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