Gland Packing for Marine Ship Hatch Cover

Gland Packing for Marine Ship Hatch Cover
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Marine Hatch Cover Gland Packing in Natural Rubber , which is an excellent material for general purpose use. The rubber core has a strong solid skin to reduce damage on the packing surface, and is fabricated from a strong natural rubber offering the best compression and a minimum wear.Inside core is excellent elastic rubber, braid-over-braided by chemical resistant synthetic fibres & P.T.F.E fibres. It has excellent sealability & elasticity even under low seating stress,a little deformation for repeated use.



  1. Marine Hatch packing is used to achieved weather-tightness and sealing in various applications.

  2. Hatch packings are UV radiation resistant and applicable in a wide temperature ranges.                                                                                                                                                             

  3. Packing is used exclusively for hatch cover. Also used for watertight doors, skylights, ullage plugs and other marine applications.



  1. Can reduce friction

  2. Easier sliding with a minimum wear

  3. Has weather-tightness and sealing                                                                                                                                                                   

  4. Not easily deformed by repeated use.


Application Data:

Pressure: bar20150150
Speed: m/s202
PH Range 2-12
Temp.-100 to +280
Density:   (g/cm³)1.40-1.45



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