Food Grade Acrylic Aramided Fiber Packing with Silicon Core Pump Gland Packing Compression Packing

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Food Grade Acrylic Aramided Fiber Packing with Silicon Core Pump Gland Packing Compression Packing


It is a multi-layer and multi-fiber braided packing, The outer jacket is
braided from tough pure PTFE fibers with lubricant. Under this is a jacket of
multiple wraps of heavy duty gauge PTFE tape. The body of the packing consists
of dry loosely braided polypropylene fibers. The inner core is NBR rubber, around
which is wrapped additional PTFE tape.

It is an excellent choice for sealing against virtually all chemicals.
It is exceptionally resilient and can be made into endless rings in the field. It can be used in all kind of Tank Lids, hatches
covers for ships, barges, road and rail transport vehicles, storage tanks etc.

Acrylic Fiber Packing With Silicon Rubber Core Description:

1. Acrylic Fiber Packing With Silicone Rubber Core is braided from high strength PAN synthetic fiber pre-impregnated with PTFE and Silicone Core.

2. Acrylic Fiber Packing with Silicon Rubber Core is Composite braid, synthetic composite yarn braided around four equally silicone rubber cords, and impregnated with PTFE emulsion and special producing with lubricant. forming a packing that offers excellent resilience and wear resistance.


Acrylic Fiber Packing With Silicon Rubber Core Application:

1. Acrylic Fiber Packing with Silicon Rubber Core is Excellent for worn glands and for large equipment with eccentricity and run-out problems.


Acrylic Fiber Packing Type:


Types of Acrylic Packing

STYLE 2200

Acrylic Packing With PTFE

STYLE 2400

Acrylic Packing PTFE Impregnated With Lubricant


Acrylic Fiber Packing With Graphite & No Lubricant


Acrylic Fiber Packing With Graphite & Lubricant

STYLE 2600

Acrylic Fiber Packing With Silicon Rubber Core


Acrylic Fiber Packing With Silicon Rubber Core Specification:

Rotary Pump

Reciprocating Pump










PH Range


Temp. °C




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