Graphite PTFE Yarn with Oil Manufacturer for Steam Valve Gland Packing

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Graphite PTFE Yarn With Oil Manufacturer for Steam Valve Gland Packing


Graphite ptfe yarn is made of PTFE and high-pure powdered graphite through special treatment. PTFE graphite yarn has a high strength and low creep and good corrosion resistance. The product is used for braiding of seal packing.


excellent sealing properties

ow friction coefficient

low contact temperature

rapid heat lead-off from the contact surface


Property Value
Type Without Oil With Lubricant
Yarn Count 2500-3500Tex
Plied Yarn 3-6
Density English 0.04ibs/in3
Metric ≥1.0g/cm3
English 500℉
Metric 260℃
Content Graphite  >2% >2%
PTFE 97-99% 97-99%
Oil - 1%
Shaft Speed English 590-788in/s
Metric 15-20m/s
Shrinkage 14%
Elongation 6%
Breaking Force ≥33N
LOI <3%< td="">
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