Grease Packing Acrylic Fiber PTFE Packing Valve Stem Seal

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Grease Packing Acrylic Fiber PTFE Packing Valve Stem Seal 


Acrylic packing is woven from high-performance, high-strength acrylic composite textile fibers. With high strength, wear resistance, anti-scour and other properties, it is an ideal substitute for asbestos packing. It is suitable for packing of pumps, valves and kettles with higher line speed and higher pressure.

Acrylic PTFE packing is made of high-performance high-strength polyacrylonitrile composite textile thread, pre-impregnated with PTFE tetrafluoro-emulsion, and fully impregnated with a lighter special PTFE emulsion and a barrier agent in the square weaving process. It has good sealing property and lubricity and is extremely resistant to media. It can be used in rotary pumps, plunger pumps, valves, mixers and other equipment. Applicable to all media except strong acid, strong alkali and strong oxidant.


Acrylic packing impregnated PTFE without lubricant STYLE 2400/STYLE 2200 is used in pumps and valve, and can handle most chemical except strong acid, strong alkali and strong oxidizer. Espcially for the condition of middle-temperature, high-pressure, high-speed, and where contamination is not permitted.


1.High pressure resistance

2.High speed resistance

3.Middle temperature condition

4.Excellent multi-sevice for a wide variety of uses throughout a plant

Application Data:

mini1.png mini2.png mini3.png
Pressure: bar 20 100 180
Speed: m/s 22.8 3 1.5
PH Range  2-12
Temp.℃ -180 to + 260
Density: (g/cm³) 1.45-1.50
Size 1/8"-2"

Package(Per Spool):

Regular:3m, 8m, 1kg, 1 pound, 2.5kg, 2.5 pound, 5kg, 5 pound,10kg, 10 pound.

Other packages are available on request

acrylic packing111


The following is intended to guide service personnel, engineers, and assemblers to properly install and adjust packing.

1, the tools needed

Special tools are required to remove the old packing and replace it with a special pre-tightening nut. In addition, standard safety facilities and related safety regulations must be used frequently.

Before installing, first familiarize yourself with the following equipment:

Cutting machine for checking packing ring, checking torque wrench or wrench, helmet, internal and external calipers, lubricant for fasteners, mirror, packing extractor, cutter for cutting root, vernier caliper, etc.

2, cleaning and inspection

1) Slowly loosen the gland nut of the stuffing box to release all residual pressure in the packing assembly;

2) Remove all old packing and thoroughly clean the packing box of the shaft/rod;

3) Check the shaft/rod for corrosion, dents, scratches or excessive wear;

4) Check other parts for burrs, cracks, and abrasion, which will reduce the life of the packing;

5) Check if the stuffing box has excessive clearance and the degree of eccentricity of the shaft/rod;

6) Replace parts with large defects;

7) Check the old packing roots as a basis for failure analysis to find the cause of the early failure of the packing.

3. Measurement and recording

Record the diameter of the shaft/rod, the pore size and depth of the stuffing box, and record the distance from the bottom to the top of the stuffing box when sealing with water.


Installation needs to know:

1. The required tools require special tools when replacing the old packing and replacing it with a new one, and pre-tightening the cap nut with a fastener. In addition, standard safety facilities and related safety regulations must be used frequently. Before installation, first familiarize yourself with the following equipment: the cutting machine for the packing ring, the torque wrench or wrench, the safety helmet, the internal and external calipers, the lubricant of the fastener, the mirror, the packing extractor, and the cutting root. Cutters, vernier calipers, etc.

2, when pressing the packing, the interface of the packing ring must be staggered, the general interface is staggered 120 ° or 180 °; the packing should not be too tight to be properly adjusted according to the use pressure.

3. Measure and record the diameter of the shaft/rod, the diameter of the stuffing box and the depth. When sealing the water with water, record the distance from the bottom of the stuffing box to the top.

4. Install the packing. Carefully install one packing ring at a time. Wrap each ring around the shaft or valve stem. Before installing the next ring, make sure that the ring is completely seated in the stuffing box. The next ring Should be staggered, at least 90 degrees apart, generally requiring 120 degrees. After the ring on the zui is installed, tighten the nut by hand and press the cover evenly. If there is a water seal ring, check that it is at the correct distance from the top of the stuffing box. Also ensure that the shaft or stem is free to rotate. 

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