Wire Reinforced Graphite Asbestos Packing with Rubber

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Asbestos packing,graphite asbestos braided square rope.Asbestos Packing with Graphite & Oil is made from dusted asbestos yarns, treated with lubricant and graphite. Used in pump, valve, etc. Suitable for medium are steam, air, industrial water, petroleum oil. Metallic wire reinforced on request.
Asbestos packing with graphite & oil.

Good quality asbestos packing treated with rubber and graphite inside and outside coated, each yarn reinforced by Inconel wire.

 Asbestos PTFE packing is made of white asbestos fiber cords impregnated with Graphite dispersion. Soft in texture, this material is suitable for sealing pumps for various chemicals. However, packing impregnated with lubricants is recommended for use with reciprocating pumps or for sealing in places where high linear velocity.
Application conditions:
1) Max. working temperature: -75 ~ 300ºC
2) Max. working pressure: 2Mpa (rotary pump)
Max. working pressure: 10Mpa (reciprocating pump)
Max. working pressure: 15Mpa (valve)
3) pH value: 4-10
4) Linear speed: 0 - 10m/s(rotary pump)
Linear speed: 0 - 2m/s(reciprocating pump)
Linear speed: 0 - 2m/s(valve)
5) Cross Section: ≥1/8" ~ ≤3"(3X3-75X75mpa)
6) Density: 1.4 ~ 1.5g/cc



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