Super Tank Seal

Super Tank Seal
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Product Details

Super Tank Seal Description:

This manlid seal combines the resilience and compression set resistance of EPDM rubber with the outstanding chemical resistance of PTFE.

The seal's rectangular elastomeric core is enveloped on three sides: top and bottom sealing faces and the inside diameter with 100% virgin PTFE.

Super Tank Seal Advantage:

Excellent chemical resistance.

Withstands repeated opening/closing cycles without loss of sealing integrity.

Super Tank Seal Chemical Properties:

The PTFE envelope makes the sealing faces and inside diameter chemically inert to media in the range pH 0-14 including all bulk liquid cargoes in all IMO classes.

The virgin PTFE is non-absorbent, non-tainting, and hygienic for use with foodstuffs and edible oils.



Super Tank Seal Service Capabilities:

Tank maximum pressure: 4bar Maximum temperature: +110°C Minimum temperature: -25°C.


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