Aluminum Foil Fire Resistant Suit

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1) Aluminum foil fire resistant suit meets standard requirement of GA88-1994

2) Work in the high temperature,with high heat insulation(1000 Celsius degree)

3) Multilayer structures, the surface layer is with aluminium,multilayers inside adopt heat insulation and burning resistant material, also with a layer of perspiration

4) The gloves and the boots also adopt the material of heat insulation, comfortable to wear

5) The helmet also adopts the same material,plating carbon fiber glasses,which has wide and clear visual field

6) A bag for per suit

7) Weight: 5.8-6Kg


Protecting fireman from the fire, when they approach, when they approach the fire, high temperature, heat oven or burnt things. Suit are used for rescue operations in an area of intense heat, fire, steam, hot liquid by fire fighters in industries like Petrochemical plants, foundries, plant, steel, glass, ceramics and etc.


1. Aluminized fabric,cotton lining

2. Radiant heat resisting 900C

3. Jacket/pants or coverall

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