Heat Proof Material Fire Resistant Fiber Board Ceramic Fiber Board

Heat Proof Material Fire Resistant Fiber Board Ceramic Fiber Board
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Heat Proof Material Fire Resistant Fiber Board Ceramic Fiber Board


Ceramic fiber board is made from refractory fibers and binders which have a low organic content, the mixture is vacuum processed into boards and formed shapes that keep good mechanical strength after heating.

Smooth surface and Lightweight
Low impurity, even bulk density and thickness
Excellent mechanical strength and structural strength
Strong pressive strength
Low thermal conductivity and Low shrinkage
Resistant airspeed eroding

Typical Application:
Heat insulation for back lining of high temperature industrial furnace
Hot surfaces of industrial furnaces, electric furnaces, porcelain furnace, heat treatment furnace, mechanical and metallurgical heatfurnace
Combustion chamber construction
Ceramic industry (kiln linings, kiln car insulation)
Glass industry


Descripition/Grade COM STD HP HA HZ
TENGLONG style 4110COM 4110STD 4110HP 4110HA 4110HZ
English 2012℉ 2300℉ 2300℉ 2480℉ 2606℉
Metric 1100℃ 1260℃ 1260℃ 1360℃ 1430℃
Max Working Temperature English 1832℉ 1832℉ 1832℉ 2192℉ 2462℉
Metric 1000℃ 1000℃ 1100℃ 1200℃ 1350℃
Density English 19 lb/ft3
Metric 300kg/m3
Specification English 23.62×15.75×0.79-1.97inch; 
Metric 600×400×20-50mm;





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