Thermal Insulation Textile Paper Aluminium Foil Paper Ceramic Fiber Paper

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Thermal Insulation Textile Paper Aluminium Foil Paper Ceramic Fiber Paper

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1.The ceramic fiber paper is manufactured by refractory fiber with high purity which is used in high-temperature insulating fields. 

2.The advance manufacturing technology makes the distribution of fiber be very even and the paper’s thickness and storage can also be controlled strictly. 

3.Ceramic fiber paper is made of refractory ceramic fiber with a little bond which is selected scientifically and controlled strictly. 

4.The bond will be completely burnt during the use. The product does not contain asbestos and is perfect material for sealing and insulating.


Low thermal conductivity

Excellent corrosion resistance 

Good for die-cut and automatic stamping

Light-weight, flexible, good handling strength and good uniformity


Industrial furnace, Heat treatment, High temperature pipe

Insulating materials of boiler, turbine and nuclear power

Insulating material for face and top of industrial furnaces and heating device

Excellent sound insulation for Construction Fire protection

High temperature filter material for nonferrous metal


Low thermal conductivity heat storage and heat capacity

Excellent heat insulation

Excellent chemical stability

Shock and chemical attack resistant

Low thermal conductivity and shrinkage

Resilience under working condition, low shrinkage under high temperature

Excellent sound insulation and resistance of folding

Application Data:


Remarks: The data above is for reference. The Max. temp. depends on the working conditions.





1. What is your MOQ?

MOQ may vary by customer's special requirement; we try our best to meet your business requirement.  

2. What's your payment terms?

We normally do T/T, and we can also offer western union account for transfer money. And more flexible payment terms, welcome to have a discuss.  

3. Can you provide samples?

Yes, we can offer samples, and some samples are free  

4. Can you delivery by express?

Yes, we can delivery by any express.  

5. When will the sample be ready?

Normally, the sample can be ready in 3 days.



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