Advantages of filling graphite


1. Improved cold flow creep. Due to the nature of tetrafluoroethylene itself, it is slowly deformed under the action of pressure and temperature, and this deformation is irreversible and will not be deformed into a original shape after being twisted by a spring, which is called initial cold flow creep. change. The incorporation of a certain proportion of graphite can effectively improve this situation.

2. For customers whose size requirements meet the requirements of the standard, Tefno recommends the use of PTFE filled products. The magnitude of the change in PTFE with temperature is greater than that of other solid materials, and this magnitude of change with temperature is the initial linear expansion coefficient. The addition of other materials such as graphite can effectively improve the linear expansion coefficient, thereby making the magnitude of the change in tetrafluorogen with temperature smaller.

3. Enhanced wear resistance and self-lubricating properties.

4. Graphite is relatively inexpensive, and the incorporation of graphite helps to control costs.