American Standard Expanded PTFE Valve Stem Packing Gasket Material

Basic Info

Structure:Single EndPressure:High Pressure Mechanical Seals
Speed:High-Speed Mechanical SealTemperature:High Temperature Mechanical Seal
Package:Carton, as Per RequestOrigin:Zhejiang, China

Product name:     American Standard Expanded PTFE VALVE STEM PACKING GASKET MATERIAL
Brief description:
1. Professional manufacturer of ptfe products more than 10 years
2. High quality and competitive price
3. Good after-sales service
4. Free sample is available
A non-staining and non-contaminating 
packing for use in Valve Stems
A low friction packing having high 
degree of pliability enabling it to conform 
to valve stuffing box flaws and 
Excellent chemical resistance, even 
against strong acids and caustics
Easy to install, requiring minimum 
Available in the following sizes, 
custom sizes on request:
All purpose, self forming PTFE Valve 
Stem Packing
2.5 mm diameter x 15 meter long
4.0 mm diameter x 7.5 meter long
5.5 mm diameter x 4.5 meter long
7.0 mm  diameter x 2.8 meter long
Service Media & Conditions:
Compatible in strong acid and strong 
alkali media. Affected only by 
elemental fluorine and molten alkali 
Temperature: -232°C to 315°C
Pressure: Full vacuum to 3000 PSI
pH: 0 to 14

Product Description