Building sealing materials

Sealing materials are grouped by types solvent, emulsion and response type sealing materials according to used components are divided into one-component sealing material and multicomponent sealing materials according to the composition of material into synthesis of polymer modified asphalt sealing materials and sealing materials.

Seal materials can be divided into shaped sealing materials (seals and layering, etc) and non-stereotyped sealing material (sealants or caulk) in two categories. Unshaped sealing materials according to the raw material and its properties can be divided into:

1, plastic sealing compound.

Low prices, has some elastic-plastic and durability, but poor elasticity and elongation is poor.

2, Elasto-plastic sealant.

Elasticity is low, large plastic, extensibility and better adhesion.

3, elastic sealant.

A good comprehensive performance, is more expensive.