Ceramic fiber board features

Ceramic fiberboard has high compressive strength and long service life; low heat capacity and low thermal conductivity; non-brittle material, good toughness; accurate size and good flatness; easy to cut and install, convenient construction; excellent wind erosion resistance; continuous production, fiber Uniform distribution, stable performance; excellent sound absorption and noise reduction performance.

Ceramic fiberboard steel industry: expansion joints, lining insulation, heat insulation sheets and mold insulation; non-ferrous metals industry: backing insulation materials, tundish and runner cover for pouring copper and copper-containing alloys; ceramic industry: Light kiln car structure and kiln hot surface lining, kiln temperature zone separation and ceramic fiberboard material; glass industry: puddle lining insulation, burner block; kiln construction: hot surface refractory (alternative ceramic Fiberboard), lining of heavy refractory materials, expansion joints; light industry: lining of industrial and domestic boiler combustion chambers; petrochemical industry: high-temperature heating furnace lining hot surface materials; ceramic fiberboard building materials industry: cement rotary kiln and other equipment Insulation.