Ceramic fiber board installation steps

1. Derusting: Before the construction, the steel structure needs to derust the copper plate of the furnace wall to meet the welding requirements.

2. Wiring: According to the layout position of the ceramic fiber module shown in the design drawing, put the wire on the furnace wall board and mark the arrangement position of the anchor bolts at the welding point.

3. Welding bolts: According to the design regulations, the bolts of the corresponding length are welded to the furnace wall plate according to the welding requirements. When welding, the bolt thread parts should be protected. The welding slag should not be splashed onto the bolt thread and the welding quality should be guaranteed.

4, coating high temperature anti-corrosion layer: According to the design drawings, evenly apply high temperature anti-corrosion layer at the weld wall of the furnace wall and bolt root. When the coating thickness is 3 kg/m2, the bolt thread part should be protected. Do not spill paint on the threads of the bolts.

5, the installation of the flat blanket: the first layer of fiber blanket, and then the second layer of fiber blanket, the seam of one or two blankets should be offset by not less than 100 mm for convenient construction, the top of the stove needs to use a quick card Make a temporary fix.

6. Installation of compensation blanket: The modules are arranged in the same direction in the same direction according to the folding compression direction. In order to avoid gaps in fiber shrinkage after heating between different rows of modules, the compensation blanket of the same temperature level must be placed in the non-expansion direction of the two rows of modules. To compensate for the shrinkage of the module. The furnace wall compensation blanket is fixed by the extrusion of the module, and the top compensation blanket is fixed by the u-shaped nail.

7, lining trimming: the entire lining is installed, trimming from top to bottom.

8, furnace lining surface spraying: the whole lining is installed, using our company's construction technology and reasonable ratio, spraying a layer of surface coating on the surface of the lining - high temperature curing agent.

9, flat processing: the tip of the sprayed hair with a special flat plate, flattened, and the special part of the module is ground.