Characteristics and application of several high temperature resistant packings

1. Carbon fiber packing (-200-+350)

Carbon fiber packing has excellent thermal conductivity, wear resistance, chemical stability, high mechanical strength and low starting torque. Therefore, it does not cause damage to the pump shaft and has a long service life. It is a variety of dynamic and static seals. Ideal material.

Carbon fiber packing is suitable for corrosive liquids such as acid and alkali, organic solvents, etc. It is used for sealing of flanges, valves, reactors and pumps in petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, coal mining, power generation, metallurgy and other industrial fields.

2. Graphite packing (-300-+600)

The graphite packing has a granular fluid and its medium, steam, organic solvent, acid, alkali, etc., and is applied to the sealing of machinery, pumps, valves, pipes, containers and the like used in the fluid conveying equipment.

Graphite packing has excellent lubricity, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and wear resistance. The most outstanding performance is high strength and equipment. It is especially suitable for dynamic sealing parts containing solid particle media.

3. Ceramic fiber packing (high temperature resistant 1200)

The ceramic fiber packing has a strong high temperature resistance. The ceramic fiber packing is woven from ceramic fiber thread without any impregnating agent. Without treatment, it will not shrink or expand when applied. The section can be squared as required. The ceramic fiber packing has outstanding wear-resistant and high-temperature resistance characteristics, and the reinforcement of the metal wire increases the mechanical strength, and the ceramic fiber cloth, the belt and the felt product have the advantages of thermal insulation. Ceramic fiber packing is widely used in high temperature insulation sealing parts of power plants, steel mills and smelting industries within ≤1200. Common specifications: 4*4—50*50mm.

Aramid packing

4. Aramid fiber packing (-200-280 ° C)

The aramid fiber packing is woven by aramid fiber impregnated polytetrafluoroethylene emulsion and lubricant treatment. Has good chemical resistance, high rebound, low cold flow. Aramid packing has excellent high speed, high modulus properties (known as man-made metal wire). Therefore, it can be used alone or in combination with other packings, as opposed to other types of packing, against particulate crystalline media and higher temperatures. A good asbestos replacement on the pump system.

Equipment: high water based packing

Pump, valve, rotating machine

Industry: Chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food and sugar, pulp, paper and power industries.

Medium: Suitable for abrasive media containing solid particles. Recommended for use in superheated steam, solvents, liquefied gases, syrups and other abrasive fluids.