Compression Packing is used to Seal which can also call Gland Packing

What is the compression packing:

Packing, also known as packing seals, packing gaskets, compression packing, gland packing, etc., is usually woven from softer fibers, also known as aramid and fiberglass fibers. Because of its square cross section, it can be filled into the sealed cavity to achieve sealing. The effect of the seal changes with the quality of the filler.

How the packing works:

The packing of the packing is woven one by one, which has a very obvious layering. The surface of the shaft is very uneven, and it is only partially fitted with the packing. It can not be completely without gaps. Similarly, when some external media comes in, it is blocked by the labyrinth multiple times to achieve the sealing effect.

There are many kinds of packings, aramid packing, PTFE packing, graphite packing are the most common and most common, and the material is processed, For example, the aramid packing can contain a silicone core and can be interwoven with a tetrafluoro graphite raw material into a black PTFE aramid interwoven packing.


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