Gland Packing for Pumps High Strength Aramid Kevalr Filament Yarn Grease Packing

Aramid Kevlar Filament Yarn Description:

The raw materials of para-aramid are TPC and PPD.

Para-aramid is called one of the three high performance fibers in the world, with carbon fiber and high density high modulus polyethylene (HDPE) as the other two. It possesses outstanding properties of high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance and flame resistance.

Aramid Kevlar Filament Yarn has advantages of relative low density, fatigue resistance, tear and shear resistance, dimension stability. It has irreplaceable position in areas like personal protection, aerospace, electrical communication, and etc.

Aramid Kevlar Filament Yarn Application Areas:

1.Reinforcement materials

2.Personal protection

3.Composite materials

4.Friction sealing

5.Sports instruments and others