Gland Packing Materials

The general trend of sealing materials for building is a dosage of the world continues to increase, product development toward the high performance elastomer sealing compound, and declining proportion of low-grade oil caulk, withdrawn from the market, mid-range sealants will have a moderate development.

With the use of high quality waterproof materials and preventing not deepening the understanding of the mechanism, the waterproofing system, greatly extended, SBS modified asphalt felt roof changes very little after 20 years of use, PVC waterproofing membrane has been used successfully 30 years of records, EPDM and the metal roof, can be up to 40 years ~50 years, conditions are ripe for implementation of warranty system for waterproofing. United Kingdom, and France, and Germany to roofing 10-year guarantee period. United States respectively, 5 years, 10, 15, 20 roof warranty. Japan provided, roofs, balconies, corridors, bathrooms of stacked layers of tar is guaranteed for 10 years.

Waterproofing concept has turned to cost/feature ideas that not only consider cost, but considering the waterproof project construction cost and life span, and focus more on waterproof function improvement of waterproofing systems using duration, making it closer to the envelope.