How to choose a PTFE gasket?

The quality of PTFE gaskets is mainly reflected in the thickness. PTFE is a good sealing material. This material has the characteristics of resistance to acid, alkali, and various organic solvents, and almost no solvent is mixed. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, very low friction coefficient and chemical corrosion resistance.

In particular, expanded PTFE has a better sealing effect. Ordinary PTFE gaskets have cold flow properties regardless of whether they are recycled or pure materials, that is, the thickness will change under long-term stress. It may be necessary to tighten the screws when used. Thickness tolerance is the first choice for the quality of PTFE gaskets. There is also a gasket made of dispersed resin with complex processing technology. It is said that the quality is excellent, but the price will be very expensive.

Second, choose the PTFE gasket material, consider the nature of the seal, whether it will cause huge losses due to the serious consequences such as explosion, combustion and corrosion, if it is, consider the good quality PTFE gasket Sheet material

Third, when choosing a PTFE gasket, it is necessary to consider whether to choose the material itself under the conditions of extreme cold and temperature boundary line;

Fourth, when choosing PTFE gaskets, flange materials and bolts should also be considered;