How to enhance the quality of sealing systems: systems problems and solutions

The mention of quality, we thought of the quality management system, quality inspection center. They are a guarantee of product quality

There are many books on quality management, many of which are quality management theory and practice to do a very detailed description. For an enterprise attaches great importance to product quality and management personnel, the need to learn and master the knowledge of quality management.

However, learning and mastering the knowledge of quality, seals won the quality guarantee? Why do so many seals manufacturers warranty Department, customers often complain about seal of quality?

To answer these two questions, we first need to figure out the Special seal of quality management. Emphasizing its particularities are not stressed that the sealing industry is different, this is based on our more than 10 years of industry knowledge and customer service experiences to draw conclusions. AIG industrial group of companies, for example, AIG industrial group of companies is currently the leading enterprises of industrial seals, 2008 sales of more than $ 628 million Yuan, supporting enterprises reached more than more than 1000 sealing machine, service throughout the food, paper, tires, coal mines, ports, municipal engineering, machine building, electric power, automobile, metallurgy, chemical industry