Low-cost manufacturing seals the rise of China will be a breakthrough

"Sealing the pursuit of low-cost manufacturing opportunities, quality should be the top priority, quality expand market share and continuing to expand domestic sales market, must also strive for the international market.

Foreign cars, machinery and trading company wishes to reduce costs more and more strongly, then, China seal has become a trend.

China seals Association statistics show that 2006 Seal 4.3 million tons in China, 14% of the year than in the past, which seals rate of 30% per cent. It all happened so quickly over the years dependent on the domestic market, keen to domestic companies, Chinese seals finally found the coordinates of their own.

Undeniable is, our seals are not large in scale of production, research and development capabilities weak, sales of the subject is cheap and low-grade common standard. Under this premise, many industry insiders say China seals can not win with cheap, only enter the global medium and high end of the market, can get huge profits and high degree of brand awareness.

Chinese exports of seal or labour-intensive products in General, but we felt that seals are on the rise in Chinese exports. While some foreign companies to buy from China seals there are many risks, such as quality and lead times of issues, but now does not start if the foreign companies from China, and to accumulate resources and experience, will miss out on the best timing in the future, I believe that after a number of years, China will become the world's considerable technical content of seals and functional module of the supplier base.