Main safety technical measures for high-strength bolts

1. The size of the handle of the adjustable wrench should be consistent with the size of the NUT. Do not use a small wrench to add a sleeve. A dead wrench should be used for high-altitude operations. If you use a live wrench, use a rope to tie it firmly, people should fasten their seat belts.

2. When assembling the connecting bolts of steel components, it is strictly forbidden to insert the connecting surface or explore the screw holes by hand. When taking and placing the pad iron plate, your fingers should be placed on both sides of the plate.

The quality of high-strength bolts in the bolt connection of the main components of the building structure is generally connected by high-strength bolts. Ordinary bolts can be reused, high-strength bolts cannot be reused, and high-strength bolts are generally used for permanent connection.