Precautions for replacing air cooler gaskets

1. Before assembly, scrub the heat exchanger plate, sealing gasket, head cover, clamping Bolt, nut and other qualified parts. Because it is difficult to clean after loading.

2. There is dirt or oil on the surface of the sealing gasket and heat exchanger plate (in the groove). Before the sealing gasket is stuck in the groove, use acetone or other similar solvents to dissolve the residual glue in the tank, with gauze wipe.

3. Use a bristle brush with the same width as the gasket groove. The adhesive is evenly coated in the plate groove, pressed into the gasket, flattened with a flat steel plate, and placed at room temperature for 2 days.

4. Use organic solvents such as acetone to clean the residual rubber squeezed outside the tank, and check the heat exchange plate has local deformation. If it is greater than the promised value, it should be repaired or replaced.

5. Replace the new gasket. The four corner holes of the new gasket are consistent with the old gasket and have a high degree of cooperation.

6. Do not stick the washer on the plate. Soy sauce, alcohol and talc are mixed and evenly applied to the gasket.