Pure PTFE Packing Teflon Graphite Packing PTFE Packing

Basic Info

Material:PTFEUsage:Pump, Compressor, Valve, Piping

  pure ptfe packing  Teflon graphite packing  PTFE packing 
Sanitary packing
Sanitary Self-lubrication packing
Shockproof   packing
Anti-Friction profession packing without pollution

   Packing is also named as filling seal, which means to place filling materials into a seal chamber, then compress the filling materials firmly onto the axial surface so as to reach the sealing; it is a general sealing material for rotating and reciprocating equipment such as pump, reaction kettle, mixer, fan , vale, furnace and piston rod, etc.
  Packing series of SUNPASS: different types adopt different high-quality synthetic fibers, they are woven by many times of sizing materials and blockers through flyovers crossing, with sound characteristics of anti-friction, lubricating property, corrosion resistance, high temperature and pressure resistance, etc.
   It can be applied to equipment such as various pumps, reaction kettles, mixers fans, high, medium and low pressure valves, furnaces and piston rods, etc.