Sealed material products in China rising standards

For high speed, high voltage, wide operating temperature sealing requirements under field conditions, China's scientific research institutions active in the relevant study materials and products, has now formed a pattern of serial products, solve hydraulic and pneumatic industry's need for sealing technology, products rising standards.

Static sealing materials and products in China has reached a very high level. Static seal is dependent on close clearance between joint surfaces to achieve containment, according to different media, different temperature, sealing and application environment are selected. Static sealed products including different size specifications of sealed pieces (O type circle, and y type circle, and v type circle and the other various non-standard of sealed pad, and sealed circle,), main for various plane static sealed, and end surface guide angle slot sealed, and cylindrical surface static sealed, and dust sealed, and vehicles window frames, and hatch sealed,, has for variety new special equipment, and aviation space technology, and civilian vehicles, provides has high performance sealed products.

Broad temperature range of rubber products. Which wide temperature domain special silicone rubber varieties has resistance high temperature type, and resistance burn corrosion type, and high strength type, and ultra-low temperature type,, and has further development of capacity, can provides various o type, and shaped sealed circle, and gasket and the other sealed products; special NBR has resistance oil, and resistance high low temperature, and high strength, and high elastic, excellent performance, the material technology mature, and process stable, can resistance most hydraulic oil, and mechanical oil, and lubricants, applies temperature range wide, General for-50 ℃ ~130 ℃, short time can resistance 150 ℃ of high temperature, Can be used in the manufacture of fixed or movable working in various oil seals, valves and gaskets, gaskets, seals, etc. Can provides various specifications products, and provides products installed life estimates technology; special fluoride silicone rubber material and the products made of small sealed pieces, in fuel and has oil steam of air media medium-and long-term work temperature up-55~200℃, short-term work temperature can up 250 ℃, in naphthalene base fuel, and mineral oil, and double gear lubricants, media in the meet-55~150℃ long-term work, and 165 ℃ short-term work using requirements.