Sealing materials

Sealing material is able to withstand the joint displacement to achieve airtight, watertight material embedded in the construction joints for the purposes referred to as seal material. Sealing metals (aluminum, stainless steel, lead, indium, etc), there are non-metallic materials (rubber, plastic, ceramics, graphite, and so on), composite materials (such as rubber-asbestos plate, gel mats-polyurethane), but is mostly used rubber elastomer materials.

Other names: gaskets, spiral wound gasket and metal ring gaskets reinforced graphite gasket, metal gasket, PTFE gasket, non-asbestos gaskets asbestos-free gaskets, rubber gaskets, electrical insulating gaskets, pipe gasket air compressor gasket, flange gaskets, valve gasket, cylinder head gasket, wenbo seal

The general trend of sealing materials for building is a dosage of the world continues to increase, product development toward the high performance elastomer sealing compound, and declining proportion of low-grade oil caulk, withdrawn from the market, mid-range sealants will have a moderate development.