Sealing products

Prevent leakage of fluid from a sealed device, also prevent dirt, sediment and air (vacuum) entering the sealed inside rubber products. This type of seal is small, but the guarantee all the installations and facilities, saving materials and energy, and prevent pollution, has a major role. Widely used in all kinds of machinery, instruments, pipes, appliances, vehicles and other means of transport, as well as the construction industry. Rubber materials for rubber sealing products, selected according to working conditions, such as oil seals NBR resistant high temperature and corrosion resistance of sealing products using silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber, acrylic rubber, and so on. Sealing products production and model products (see sulfide) the same Doors and Windows sealed with compression molding, and then use the direct steam autoclave curing continuous cure or curing press.

A wide variety of rubber sealing products, according to work sealing products can be divided into static and dynamic sealing products. O-rings are widely used in static and reciprocating mechanical seal. Oil seals are widely used for Rotary shaft seals. O-rings and seals, accounted for more than half the total number of seal products (see picture). Rubber sealed pieces of work are through rubber and was sealed pieces phase contact and achieved, as oil seal is to its lip Department of small area and axis surface to must pressure contact and in fluid lubrication role Xia achieved not leak oil, o shaped circle is on rubber circle gives section compression force achieved sealed,, so requirements rubber material of elastic high, and resistance oil and the resistance aging performance good.