SUNPASS ISO Tank Container Manufacturers FEP Encapsulated Seal

FEP Encapsulated Seal Description:

FEP encapsulated seal is consisted of a seamless and uniform Teflon FEP encapsulation which completely encloses a core material of either silicone or Viton elastomers. The combination of these components creates a seal that is virtually chemiaally inert and compression set resistant for use in harsh sealing environments.

FEP Encapsulated Seal Advantage:

High Chemical Resistance

Outperforms solid PTFE O-Rings

Wide Temperature Range

Non Stick Surface

Low Coefficient of Friction


Unlimited Sizes

Low Compression Set

Encapsulated Seal VS Solid PTFE:

A standard elastomeric seal has inadequate chemical resistance for a specificapplication, and A solid PTFE seal does not offer sufficient elasticity for reliable,long-term fluid sealing. These are held in a variety of general and high performance elastomers to suit the vast majority of industrial and specialised oil & gsa sector applications. Service capabilities Continuous Service temperature:-60 to +200 Many dimensions are available as well as special seals to suit different applications.


FEP Encapsulated Seal Service Capabilities: