Tenglong Sealing's Product Of Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic fiber boards are manufactured in a wet vacuum forming process by blending the chopped ceramic fiber with inorganic or organic binders for excellent abrasive resistance at high temperature. Ceramic fiber board feature low thermal conductivity, high thermal stability and excellent thermal shock resistance. The products are classified as STD, HP, HA and Hz respectively corresponding to different maximum service temperature 1000°C, 1100°C, 1200°C and 1350°C.

The applications of ceramic fiber board:

1.Hot air duct lining

2.Shuttle kiln with high gas velocity

3.Laboratory furnace

4.Kiln car insultation

5.Die-cut high temperature seal

The advantages of ceramic fiber board:

1.Low heat storage

2.Low thermal conductivity

3.Excellent abrasive resistance

4.Excellent thermal shock resistance

5.Excellent chemical stability

6.Even density and thickness

Common size of ceramic fiber board:






ceramic board_副本

陶瓷纤维板 仓库_副本


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