The choice of packing

With the appearance of production process, packing packing also gradually diversified, according to different conditions of use and the environment, the different forms of preparation for sealing performance and useful life have a direct impact.Packing packing mainly adopts establishment form are: woven braids, set layer weave, wear heart, sandwich establishment, etc.Prepare the form and characteristics of packing is as follows: 1, the set of braiding layer is woven with 8, 12, 16, 24, 36, 48, 60, a spindle woven in orbit, decided to set of layer according to the packing specification, general weaving 1 ~ 4 layer, no hair core, good set of layer of dense packing, sealing strong, but because is the set of layer, interlayer not connected fiber is easy to take off a layer is more suitable static seal or low speed device.2, woven braids Hair weaving is spindle in orbit two woven with up to eight, in the middle of the four corners and no hair core, woven product cross section is square, its characteristic is loose packing, but the eccentric shaft vibration and with certain compensation function, used only for small packing, but the section size will appear pattern rough packing appearance, structure is flabby, the poor density of Packing the price on the market, how to find suitable for your product?Beginning from today, I will gradually, published articles related to the packing, please pay attention to oh.Packing packing forms and characteristics