Method for preserving ceramic fiberboard

The ceramic fiber board is made of ceramic fiber as a raw material and is formed by vacuum molding. Its strength is higher than that of the fiber blanket and the vacuum forming felt. How to preserve the ceramic fiber board? The ceramic fiber is formed into a ball after being in contact with water, and the hardness of the ceramic fiber board after water contact Go low now. Therefore, how to waterproof when saving is very important.

1. The environment to be preserved first is dry, anhydrous, and not damp;

2. When storing in rainy days, the building should be free of water and water, and keep the indoor environment dry;

3. When storing indoors, the tray should be placed on the ground. The ceramic fiber board should be placed on the tray. It is forbidden to touch the ground, at least 20 mm from the ground. This is because the inside of the ceramic fiberboard is made of a waterproof plastic film and the outside is packed in a carton.

4. In the rainy season, the ceramic fiber board should be covered with waterproof canvas, pay attention to the wall seepage, if it is a metal room, you need to pay attention to water leakage.