Valve Stem Packing

        100% pure PTFE round packing and gasket material. Self lubricating and non-hardening. A tough fibrous PTFE core and low friction surface is more chemically inert than conventional string packings and has greater resistance to cold flow under pressure. Recommended for flanges, valve or faucet stems, pump housings, stuffing boxes, rotary pump shafts, reciprocating rods, centrifugal pumps, rams and expansion joints. For most acids, alkalies, solvents, fuels, air, water, steam, refrigerants, gases and liquified gases.

Technical parameter:

Temperature: -268~316D. C
Pressure (kgf/cm2): Fluid sealing: 200 Gas sealing: 140
Suitable medium: Most chemicals except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine
DIA: 2mm---18mm
Density: 0. 80g/cm3

Product Description