What is the Ceramic Fiber Ring?


Ceramic Fiber Ring is made of high-quality ceramic fiber reinforced with glass fiber or stainless steel wire. Ceramic fiber Ring are widely used in dynamic sealing and static sealing of various high temperature equipments; heat insulation, heat insulation and sealing of heat conduction systems; heat insulation and sealing in environments with high temperature and strong chemical corrosion.

Ceramic Fiber Ring has many Features:

1) High temperature resistance, continuous use temperature up to 1000°C, short-term use temperature up to 1260°C.

2) It has good resistance to acid and alkali corrosion and corrosion resistance to aluminum and zinc.

3) Good high temperature strength and thermal insulation performance (please refer to physical and chemical indicators).

4) The series of products made of E-glass fiber filaments as reinforcing materials have a higher electrical insulation and high temperature electrical insulation than glass fiber.

5) Non-toxic, harmless, and odorless.

Typical applications of Ceramic Fiber Ring:

For insulation, insulation materials, is an ideal substitute for asbestos rope. It is commonly used for door sealing in various furnaces, burners, heat exchangers, and flue ducts.

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