What is the Ceramic Fiber Round Square Braided Rope?

Ceramic Fiber Rope has many categories, such as Round braided rope and Square braided rope.

Ceramic Fiber Round braided rope is resilient, high performance ceramic fiber material fabricated from ceramic fiber yarn braided around a core of ceramic fiber rope to form a packing in round section. It is widely used for a broad variety of high temperature gasketing, packing and sealing application.

Ceramic Fiber Square braided rope (square packing) is dense, resilient, high performance ceramic fiber material plaited from E-glass, stainless steel wire or high temperature alloy wire inserted ceramic fiber yarn to form a packing in square section.

Ceramic Fiber Rope is main applying to:

Fireproof wrap and insulation;

Seals for stoves and ovens;

Expansion joint packing;

Gaskets and seals

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