What is the Ceramic Fiber Tape?

Ceramic Fiber Tape can be used in various thermal equipment and heat transfer systems for fire resistance, fire protection, thermal insulation and friction materials.

Ceramic Fiber Tape has many Features:

High temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, low heat capacity;

Excellent high temperature insulation performance, long service life;

With anti-fusion touch aluminum, zinc and other non-ferrous metal etching ability;

Has good low temperature and high temperature strength;

Non-toxic, harmless, no adverse impact on the environment;

Ceramic Fiber Tape is mainly applied to:

Various kilns, high temperature pipes and containers for heat insulation;

Furnace doors, valves, flange seals, fire doors and fire shutter materials, high-temperature furnace door sensitive curtain;

Engine and instrument heat insulation, fireproof cable cladding material, high temperature fireproof material;


1) Continuous use temperature up to 1000 °C, short-term use temperature up to 1260 °C.

2) It has good resistance to acid and alkali corrosion and corrosion resistance to aluminum and zinc.

3) Good high temperature strength and thermal insulation performance (please refer to physical and chemical indicators).

4) Ceramic fiber cloths, tapes, packings and other products with alkali-free glass fiber yarns as reinforcing materials have higher electrical insulation and higher temperature electrical insulation than glass fiber.

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