What is the Fiber Glass Cloth?

Fiberglass cloth according to the level of alkali content is divided into high alkali cloth, alkali cloth, non-alkali cloth. The lower the alkali content, the better the resistance to folding and pulling.

These types of cloths can be differentiated according to the electrical conductivity. The high alkali fabric is a conductor, and can be used as a wire. The alkali fabric is a semiconductor, and the non-alkali fabric is an insulator.

Fiberglass cloth which belongs to high alkali cloth. Currently, it is suitable for magnesia cement building materials with medium alkali cloth, and non-alkali cloth is suitable for circuit board and electronic grade.

And Fiberglass cloth  has strong tensile strength, effectively prevent wall cracking, and reinforce the wall surface. With high-quality coatings, the surface does not accumulate static electricity, does not produce dead spots, easy and clean. Strict surface sizing treatment makes the wall cloth clean, moisture-proof and mold-proof, and can prevent the growth of microorganisms or parasites. It is also a kind of reinforcing material.


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