What is the Graphite Tape?

Graphite Tape has good heat resistance and is suitable for use as a sealing material. It has good sealing properties and good heat insulation.

Graphite Tape Typical Applications:

1. As a endless gasket strip for vessels and flanges of extreme uneven, high temperature and high pressure.

2. Used in Heat exchangers, boiler, pipes, doors, covers, etc.

3. Coating on both side of cammprofile gaskets.

Graphite Tape Prime Features:

1. Easy handling and installation to every size

2. Used as universal gasket during revisions

3. Save money and time

4. Can be with adhesive on one side.

Graphite Tape has three styles in our TENGLONG SEALING. There are 8050 Flexible Graphite Tape, 8070 Flexible Graphite Ribbon Tape, 8080 Flexible Graphite Tape with Adhesive.

                                               Tenglong-graphite tape.png

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