What is the Non Asbestos Sheet?

Asbestos rubber sheet is made by compressing asbestos, rubber and filler. According to its formula, process, performance and purpose, there are mainly high-pressure asbestos rubber sheets, medium and low-pressure asbestos rubber sheets, and oil-resistant asbestos rubber sheets, and other types of acids and alkalis.

Asbestos rubber sheet has many features:

Has a medium hardness, acid and alkali resistance. It can work in 20% acid (base) liquids between -30 and +60°C.

The asbestos materials used to make asbestos rubber sheets are chrysotile and blue asbestos (bluestone).

Chrysotile is a serpentine asbestos. Its main component is magnesium silicate containing about 13% of crystal water. It has good heat and alkali resistance, high tensile strength, poor acid resistance, and most asbestos rubber sheets. Made by it.

Blue asbestos is hornblende asbestos. The main component is silicate containing 2.5 to 3.5% of crystal water. The composition of magnesium oxide is minimal, and iron oxide accounts for about 18 to 24%. Blue asbestos not only has good heat resistance but also has good acid resistance, so it is mostly used for making acid-resistant asbestos rubber sheets.

The quality of asbestos fiber has a great influence on the performance of asbestos rubber sheet, so the asbestos fiber is required to have high tensile strength, good heat resistance, a certain length, and the fiber is flexible and flexible. General high-pressure asbestos rubber sheets and oil-resistant asbestos rubber sheets above No. 400 are made of grade 2 and 3 asbestos fibers. Due to the limited use of asbestos rubber sheet, more use of Sanda non-asbestos rubber sheet replaces the original asbestos sheet.


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