What is the PTFE/EPDM Manlid Seal PTFE?


PTFE/EPDM is formed by compounding a specially activated 100% pure PTFE shell at its effective sealing area.

The product reduces the cold flow of the gasket, increases the resistance to blowout of the gasket, and makes the gasket have good rigidity and compression, rebound, and compensation, and can meet higher pressure and harsh working conditions.



This perfect gasket is widely used in pipe systems such as polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE, vinylidene fluoride PVDF, polypropylene PPH, polyvinyl chloride PVC, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride CPVC, cast iron, ductile iron, glass steel, etc. In the steel, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, semiconductor, polysilicon, organic silicon, fertilizer, dyes, pharmaceuticals, electricity, environmental protection, sewage treatment and other industries;

The raised sealing ring not only has multiple labyrinth seals, but also greatly reduces the sealing contact surface between the gasket and the flange, and can maintain a higher sealing specific pressure, thereby reducing the 75% to reach the seal on the bolt. Added torque load, hence the name;

100% pure PTFE sealing surface provides a clean and pollution-free sealing surface;


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