What is the Pure Flexible Graphite With Inconel Wire Jacketed Mesh Packing?


PURE FLEXIBLE GRAPHITE WITH INCONEL WIRE JACKETED MESH PACKING is Super-high Temperature & Pressure Valve Packing, is braided from low-sulphur expanded graphite yarn with corrosion inhibitor. reinforced with inconel wire Each yarn is round braided with inconel mesh again The packing is diagonal braided to form a dense but pliable packing, fu rther enhanced with blocking agents.Easy installation and extrusion resistance in single-spool packing Special for high pressure High

temperature steam service.

                                               Pure Flexible Graphite With Inconel Wire Jacketed Mesh Packing.png



Super-high Temperature & Pressure Valve Packing . The exclusive packing is formable, yet tough Rated in

steam service 450bar. maintains integrity in steam up t0 649 C it is a cost effective as well as a confident

choiceit is for steam. water. oil. solvents. alkalies. acids. and most chemicals Exceptions are oleum . fuming

nitric acid, aqua regia, and fluorine . and high temperature valve and other static applications, as well as some

rotary applications such as soot blowers or rod packings.



1.High temperature resistance

2.High pressure resistance


Application Data:

Pressure: bar


Speed: m/s


PH Range



C 200/+450 (par +650)

Density: (g/cm³)





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