What is the role of metal wound gaskets?

Metal wound gaskets are a variety of gaskets used in heavy industry. They have different shapes and structures. Commonly, there are letter V and letter W, and they can be specially designed according to the needs of specific applications. The main function of this kind of wrapping sheet is to play the role of sealing. Because the metal material is connected, there will be many gaps. If these gaps are not well connected, the corrosion and wear of the metal will be greatly reduced. His service life, so I need to help with the help of the winding sheet. The main material of the wrapping sheet is composed of metal and other materials such as ore, clay, etc., so that the state of the semi-metal will effectively promote the bonding between the metals, and also help to increase the elasticity of the joint and avoid strong impact. It will break when it is.

Metal wound gaskets are used in a wide range of applications and can be used not only in heavy industry but also in light industry. For the medical industry and the shipbuilding industry, which have very high material requirements, the wound gasket plays a very good role. He can adapt well to the surrounding temperature changes, resist the strong water pressure in the water, and ensure that the parts of the ship will not loosen due to the impact of the sea. The type of wrapping sheet is divided according to his use. The first one is the basic winding mat, which is also the most common one. The second is to add a collar on the outside, the third is to set a collar inside, the fourth is to add a collar inside and outside, the fifth is a winding pad that can convert the temperature of heat, and finally One is a winding mat formed after a good modification based on the basic type. Different types of winding mats can be used in different situations to achieve different levels of effect.