What is the Wool Felt?

Wool felt is made of wool, adopted the human history of the most ancient form of textiles, history can be traced back to at least 6500 BC, at least eight thousand years of history, belong to the form of non woven fabric, textile, knitting technology such as earlier is used by the human. The hair is soft and strong, the fiber is elastic and comfortable, and it has good reducing property. Because wool felt product fold hind, can reply original form very quickly, not easy to deform. Plus its fiber structure can be tightly knotted, its strong and tough characteristics do not need to be made through knitting, sewing and other processing, can be fully integrated.

Wool felt is applied to:

1. Motor vehicle oil absorption, sound absorption, shock proof, sound insulation.

2. Use of high-tech electronic products.

3. Mechanical equipment packaging and use.

4. Sound insulation.

5. Use of medical devices.

6. Leather embossing machine.

7. Textile mill, chemical plant, cement plant, filtration and oil absorption.

8. Other kinds of Musical Instruments, hats, anti-cold shoes, grinding, dustproof and so on can be used.

9 the calligraphy and painting felt Uniform blanket surface smooth, white and soft, elastic, can foil paper, make the painting and calligraphy lovers brushwork freely, comfortable feel. In ink, not run, have the effect of ink, and because of wool can be drying moisture absorption, but also has the effect of ink absorption, greatly embodies the good performance of dehydration guaranteed ink, draw the traditional Chinese painting, in particular, to a far less, calligraphy and painting felt economical, grade is complete, convenient and durable, four treasures of the study is the necessary auxiliary materials.

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