What kind of environment should metal wound gaskets be stored in?

To optimize the application of metal wound gaskets, it is necessary to optimize the installation of the gaskets and protect them during use, but it is often easy to ignore the storage problems of the gaskets, which may affect the gaskets due to poor storage. Apply the effect. From the storage point of view, the most basic is to ask everyone to store the gasket in the following environment:

Drying: Since the metal-wound gasket is a metal material, it may cause rusting when it is placed in a humid environment for a long time, so in order to protect it, you need to pay attention to storing it in a dry environment. in.


No corrosion effect: Although the metal wound gasket itself has good corrosion resistance and can be applied to corrosive conditions, it may still be damaged in surface or structure due to the adverse effects of certain corrosive substances. In order to ensure that the gasket after storage can continue to be used, it is required to pay attention to ensure that the environment for storing the gasket has no corrosive effect.