Why ceramic fiber paper has good thermal insulation effect

The most used ceramic fiber paper is the material that is insulated and insulated. Why does it have such a good insulation effect?
First, the convective heat transfer of the gas; because the ceramic fibers overlap each other, thus forming a lot of gas storage inside the ceramic fiber paper, these gas storage stores a large amount of air, so that the air can not flow freely, generally Relatively static. The heat absorbed by the gas can only propagate inside the gas in a conductive manner, and because the gas has a small thermal conductivity at rest, the fiber paper cannot be used for heat transfer.
Second, the conduction heat transfer of the fiber; because the interlacing of the ceramic fibers in the paper has no directionality, the fibers are present in all directions, while the heat is transferred along the fibers, and the fibers are rarely perpendicular to the hot surface, In addition, the fibers are also overlapped with each other, which increases the thermal resistance of heat conduction. Therefore, the heat transfer effect of heat in the ceramic fiber paper is not obvious.
 Third, the radiation heat transfer of the fiber; the fiber in the ceramic fiber paper is not transparent, so that the heat rays can not penetrate the fiber, and the fiber is very fine, so that the heat radiation is not well received, so the heat transfer effect is Not obvious.
The above is a brief introduction to the ceramic fiber paper with good thermal insulation effect, I hope to help everyone.