Packing Installation Instructions: Pump Sealing Packing (1)

Packing Installation Instructions: Pump Sealing Packing (1)

Step 1:

Remove all the old packing with packing hooks, being careful not to damage the shaft or sleeve. This means all rings, even the lantern ring and the rings below the lantern. Clean the stuffing box and examine the shaft and sleeve. Replace any worn parts that are scored or deeply grooved.


As for pump, we’d like to recommend the following Braided Mechanical Packing products:

ü High Carbon Compression Sealing Packing

ü Graphite Braided Rope Packing

ü Aramid Sealing Packing / Kevlar Pump Packing

ü GFO Mechanical Packing / Graphite PTFE Braided Packing

ü Graphite Aramid Sealing Packing

ü Carbon Braided Mechanical Packing

ü Acrylic Packing Braided Rope Packing

ü Ramie Packing Compression Sealing Packing


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