2016-2022 Rubber And Plastic Seals Manufacturing Industry

Rubber seals market belongs to the steady growth of the market, seals market 3%~4% will be stable growth in the future, European markets a year average will have reached $ 3.2 billion, the stability of the Asia-Pacific economic growth, especially the strong economic growth, brought to seal the market's huge demand potential, the promise of the future global market for seals.

Growing demand for rubber products in China, and a large number of special rubber products are imported.

Technology/products aspects: China sealed industry General products can meet various host of supporting requirements, but high pressure, and high-speed, and precision, and resistance high temperature low temperature and resistance corrosion of sealed pieces and international level has larger gap, many of restricted factors in the, material is heavy in the of heavy, high performance, and new sealed material technology of development still will is China oak plastic sealed pieces industrial of, high performance sealed material and the products is current China priority development of high-tech industrialization focus field.

Materials development aspects, sought more high performance price than of composite, development total mixed elastic body material is a trend; HNBR will in new of drive media, and new fluid (refrigeration agent, and can biological decomposition sex drive oil) sealed in the play important role; Super polymer volume polyethylene (UHMWFE) has good since lubrication sex, and high wear sex, and impact performance good, and completely nontoxic, resistance water, and oil and solvent, and price low, in low temperature hydraulic drive system of sealed in the due quite of application potential.