Aramid Kevlar Braided Packing Belongs To Sealing And Thermal Insulation Shipped To Germany

Aramid Kevlar Braided Packing is made from DuPont's continuous filament Kevlar yarn, which is impregnated with a tetrafluoro emulsion and is processed from a lubricant and glass fiber. Because the strength of the aramid fiber and the module are as strong as the steel sample. So this package is compared to other types of woven packaging. They can resist more service media and higher pressures. It can be mounted separately or as an end ring in combination with other types of packing to incorporate different characteristics into the seal ring set.


The Applications of Aramid Kevlar Braided Packing: Can be used in rotary pumps, valves, piston pumps, mixers, reactors, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, food, sugar, chemical and petrochemical, power stations, steel mills and many other areas. It is also ideal for anti-extrusion rings and softer packaging.


The Advantages of Aramid Kevlar Braided Packing: 1. Can be used for abrasive applications 2. Needs little monitoring 3. High pressure resistance.


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